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Proof of Stake allows cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards from block production. We provide easy solutions for stake holders, helping you to unlock your profit potential.

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Our nodes are globally positioned to ensure rapid block creation.


We strive to maximize uptime for our block-producing nodes to make sure you never loose an opportunity to collect block rewards.


Unspent is committed to the security of our infrastructure, the blockchain, and the interests of our stake holders.

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Cardano Shelley Incentivized Testnet

Launched 12/13/2019

Name Unspent Pool
Ticker 1UP

Download the latest version of the Daedelus rewards wallet to participate.

Once you've entered your secret words to claim your wallet on testnet, go to the new delegation window and search for our ticker: 1UP.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is Unspent?

We're a Proof of Stake blockchain validation company. Our focus is on providing fast, high assurance, secure validation services for 3rd Generation, high transaction volume blockchains. Unspent is a community-focused stake pool, dedicated to providing low risk solutions for our customers. We have high hopes for proof of stake blockchains and want to help Cardano's community grow and prosper in the blockchain age.

What is Proof of Stake?

Proof of Stake is a blockchain consensus technology. It's an alternative to inefficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithms use by some blockchains. Instead of using enough electricity to power a small country to secure the blockchain, Proof of Stake algorithms use sophisticated cryptographic protocols and network enforced constraints to arrive at a consensus for the valid state of the blockchain. You can read more here.

The Shelly Incentivized Testnet will be the first open public test of staking on the Cardano blockchain for real rewards. Anyone who had their ADA in a supported wallet on November 29th will be eligible to earn real ADA by participating. The Incentivized Testnet is expected to begin December 2019. You can find more information about the testnet here.

We don't anticipate having to change our fees during the incentivized testnet. If we ever do need to increase our fees, we will announce the change, giving our stake holders at least 1 week advanced. For now that announcement will be made on Twitter but eventually we hope to provide our stakeholders with other notification options.


What is the stake pool charging you for their service? There's a few options you can play around with using IOHK's rewards calculator. Fees are all calculated per epoch (20h) so if a pool is charging you 5%, that percentage will be taken from all the rewards from all blocks created during the last epoch. The pool takes 5%, you take 95%, simple. Stake pools can also charge a fixed fee, an amount a pool is guaranteed to make every epoch as long as they're producing blocks. The fixed fee is taken from rewards before the percentage calculation. Some pools don't have a fixed fee, other have only set a fixed fee and no reward percentage. Use the rewards calculator to find the best deal.

Pool Reliability

Staking is a long game. Make sure your stake pool isn't running on somebody's gaming rig. Some pools are advertising uptime guarantees and running on resilient networks with battle tested firewalls, monitoring, etc. run by experience IT professionals. Do your research before you commit to a pool.

Reward Saturation

There's a new configuration option on the Cardano blockchain that will theoretically limit the percentage of total rewards any pool receives for an epoch. This is one of the ways IOHK hopes to incentivize decentralization. The reward saturation levels are currently set at 1/100, meaning that rewards for any pool are capped at what a stake pool would collect if it represented 1% of the total stake and produced 1% of the blocks. Staking on a pool that represents any more than 1% should result in lower distributed rewards than staking in a pool representing exactly 1%. Does that mean that you should move your stake to another pool if it becomes too popular? Yes but stake pool operators have already considered whale attacks where a single large stake holder could flood a pool, making it undesirable for a few days and causing the stake holders to abandon the pool. The problem with this attack is that it's only viable for a few days since the whale would also loose potential profits from the attack. If this happens it's probably a good idea to stay put and not waste your ADA re-delegating. If you're looking for a new pool, look for one with less than 1% stake.

Delegation Fees and Rewards

Delegating to a pool costs about 0.7 ADA. It's low enough where you can leave an unreliable pool and join an amazing pool with ultra low fees but it's probably not something you want to do every day.